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Whether you’re looking to develop a custom web or mobile app, integrate AI into your product, or looking to build an offshore team, we’ve you covered! Hire from the same team of world-class developers who built MailBluster, Gradnet & ThemeWagon!

Featured Projects


Investment Management Platform

Advanced financial management platform empowering a UK-based finance Firm. Technext managed end to end development of mobile and web applications.

investment management platform

No-Code Solution for the Travel Industry

A no-code platform that allows people to create their own online travel booking brand without worrying about managing complex technology.

No-code platform for Travel

Project Management & CRM Software for Digital Agency

Custom-made CRM and project management solution, driving growth at an Austin, Texas marketing firm. Technext managed full-stack development.

CRM and project management software

Marketplace for Event-Related Service Providers

An Upwork-like marketplace platform custom-made to meet the unique needs of the events industry. Technext managed the end-to-end development.

event marketplace


Ed-Tech Platform with AI-Powered Resume Builder & Scorer

Comprehensive solution for a Canadian career counseling and transition services company featuring an AI-powered resume builder, CV scorer, and learning platform.

ed-tech with AI and NLP

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Shaping the future for almost a decades, our track record of success spans world first innovations and award winning designs. We help you grow your business by delivering transformative brand experiences that people love.

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Staff Augmentation

Need to scale your team quickly and efficiently? Our staff augmentation services have you covered. We provide skilled developers and designers who seamlessly integrate with your existing team, helping you meet your project goals without the hassle of long hiring processes. It’s the flexible solution your business needs to thrive.

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Hire Developers

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Dedicated Team

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Team Augmentation

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Flexible Co-operation

Web Application Development

With over a decade of experience in web development, we are well-prepared to offer end-to-end web application development solutions. Opt for the perfect solution, and let us take your web application to the next level.

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Custom Web Application Development

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Front-end Development

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Back-end Development

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Legacy Web App Modernization

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Cloud & Cyber Security

JavaScript TypeScript React JS Node JS Next JS Express JS Python Django Ruby on Rails Bootstrap Tailwind CSS

Mobile Application Development

Transform your mobile app concept into a concrete, functioning reality. Our team’s expertise is your guarantee. Select the right solution and witness your mobile app becoming a tangible success.

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Android App Development

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iOS App Development

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Cross-Platform Development

React Native Flutter

UI/UX Design Services

Turn your UI/UX vision into an intuitive and visually appealing reality with our seasoned design team. Our UI/UX design team combines experience and creativity to design products your users will love.

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Prototype Design

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Product Design

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UX Consulting

Startup Services

Ready to turn your startup idea into a fully-fledged product? Our expert development services are tailored to bring your startup vision to life. We’re your dedicated tech partner, providing the technical expertise and solutions you need to make your startup a reality.

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Prototype Design

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MVP Development

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Startup Product Development

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CTO as a Service

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QA as a Service

AI, ML & IoT Development

Incorporate AI, ML, and IoT into your projects effortlessly with our development services. We’re dedicated to creating solutions that harness data, learn from it, and enable seamless communication between devices.”

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AI Integration

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AI Chatbot Development

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AI and ML Software and Application Development

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Advanced Analytics Solutions

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Robotics Process Automation

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At Technext, we prioritize building lasting business relationships and assisting in growing your brand, not just delivering a product. Our comprehensive service offerings will enable you to achieve your business goals, smoothly.

Our process eliminates the need for endless interviews, complex onboarding, and paperwork, allowing you to focus on your business while we handle the technology.

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Sachin M
Sachin M
September 15, 2022

Technext is working on our UX/UI project which is a redesign of our existing web application UI. They are doing a good job on it and have come up with several ideas to make our application more user friendly and with a better look and feel. They provide updates on a daily basis so we are always in the loop. We look forward to working with Technext on more projects in the future.

Ironclad Investments
Ironclad Investments
September 15, 2022

I have been using Technext for 3 months now for our web development implementation and have been thoroughly impressed with their knowledge, communication and delivery to date. They have always been very transparent, realistic and professional in all of our dealings. After being let down in the past by developers/tech teams I am so happy we trusted Technext to build our system, cannot fault them in any area!

Patrick Foley
Patrick Foley
September 15, 2022

I've worked with Technext on a variety of projects over the last year. Their UI/React experience is top notch (google Falcon React for an example). Their backend/nodejs knowledge is also very good. Everything we've done has been hosted on AWS. I'm a developer myself, so I'm very particular about the way things get built - and Technext listens to me. I've enjoyed working with each and every developer I've worked with from technext (I'm up to 7 from various projects!). They're all smart, curious, hard-working, kind, and generous. One of the most overlooked qualities of an offshore development firm is loyalty. Technext has built an organization that people want to work for - so they don't have the same turnover problems that plague some similar companies. All software development is hard. Offshore development adds additional complexities. But for certain projects, the cost savings of working with an offshore company are simply too great to ignore. If you have the right kind of project, Technext is absolutely worth a look for you. As a specific example, if you have an idea for a web-based product that you want someone to build - you should talk with Technext to see if it's a fit.

CodexPro GmbH
CodexPro GmbH
September 23, 2022

We used Technext's services in both Germany and Bangladesh. We changed and renewed our system and received helpful advice. Thank you very much for your support and knowledge. We would gladly use the service again if necessary.

Steve Reed
Steve Reed
January 5, 2023

I used one of Technext's themes from Themewagon and I was having issues with it mainly because of my personal lack of experience and reached out for support. They were very responsive and when I asked for some help customizing our specific project they did a great job on a timely basis. They were able to execute exactly what I asked for which was critical to the project's success. I'd recommend their themes and their development team.

Paponya Langat
Paponya Langat
June 3, 2023

Technext team is a joy to work with; very responsive, professional, listening and deliver quality work within time. I gave them a reactjs assignment and they delivered excellent work.

Brands by Technext


Cost-Effective Email Marketing SaaS

MailBluster is an email marketing tool built to support companies with a large email list. Powered by SES & Trusted by 25K+ clients worldwide.

Community Management Software

An Alumni management SaaS, trusted by 100+ communities and has been used to host 500+ events, raising over $250,000 in donations worldwide.

Theme and Template Marketplace

A marketplace that offers top-tier free and premium web templates, serving 300,000 monthly users to create a better web experience.

Professional Team Easy to Work with

Technext has 50+ developers and designers who are talented and competent, and most importantly, they have a helping and co-operative mentality.

Problem Solver





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