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Looking for dedicated TypeScript developers to hire remotely? Technext has the team or individual developer with the expertise you need.

Get the in-house quality development experience with Technext’s typescript developers

Technext offers vetted TypeScript developers who have been meticulously trained and quality tested, plus they work in a supervised office environment. Our developers are always ready to integrate seamlessly with your team. For your peace of mind, we offer a free 7-day trial period so you can see the quality of our work before committing to a project.

Save yourself the hassle of complex recruitment processes, onboarding difficulties, and quality risks that can come with hiring freelancers.

Choosing between offshore TypeScript developers

and freelance: Which is best for you?

While hiring freelance developers has its own advantages, they simply can’t compare to the benefits of in-house developers. That’s where dedicated offshore TypeScript developers come in.


Offshore developers are more productive than freelancers as it is in their better interests to meet deadlines efficiently and without wasting so much time.


When employees believe their employer trusts them to complete their work in their own style, it builds loyalty and creates a better workplace.


Hiring freelancers may seem cheap initially, but hiring dedicated offshore TypeScript developers is more cost-effective if you consider the quality of work.


You are protected by US law when you hire a developer from an offshore company allowed to work in the US. But in the case of freelancers, you rely only on ratings.

Schedule a free consultation

One size doesn’t fit all. Sometimes, it’s better to set up an onsite development team, and sometimes setting up a remote development team is the wise thing to do. Not sure which model would suit you the most? Schedule a free consultation and talk to our CEO, with 10+ years of experience developing products that transform companies.

Why partner up with Technext

Partnering with Technext is like having an in-house team in a different country. You’ll get every flexibility and benefit of having an in-house team without dealing with the complexities.


Since 2012, Technext has helped entrepreneurs and enterprises. Its own startups/ventures have been successful. In addition, hundreds of businesses chose Technext to establish their digital solutions like web applications, mobile applications, and UI/UX design.


10+ years! YES, Technext has years of experience in the business/tech industry. This includes Project management, Technical knowledge, Design knowledge, Testing etc. Technext has in-house projects like – Mailbluster, Gradnet, Falcon, Smart LMS etc and client-based projects like – Xeniapp, Codexpro, 99minds, Wed-match etc.


The key to truly successful work is not only technology but also working with the right people. Technext has a resource of highly efficient professionals. They bring diversity to work and provide a solution that will be a strong foundation for your business.


In the last 10 years, technext has established a near-perfect work process through trial and error. We found that involving the client in every step brings out the optimal result. So, Now at technext, we always follow the framework and maintain client satisfaction.


At technext, we believe in transparency and authenticity. Our clients get access to our worksheet to let them know what they are paying for. We charge for our work, not more, not less. And our research shows that this no-hidden charge model we apply can save up to 50% cost.


Development tells only half of a business story. Along the way to success, a business leader has to face thousands of technical difficulties. Technext is committed to providing life-long consultancy support, even after a project is done.

Featured TypeScript projects

We proudly announce that we have worked on hundreds of development projects for customers and our products over the last 10 years, including several hallmark products used by thousands of businesses.


An in-house communication and financial management platform for admin and clients of Ironclad.




A SaaS platform that lets users sell travel online under their own brand




Best selling admin dashboard in getbootstrap marketplace.

Admin dashboard


What our partners say

The Technext team is a great front-end support for all of my businesses. I like the guys because they are always available for you when needed. They give daily updates and come up with better solutions in every situation.

Pravin Kamble

CTO, XeniApp Inc, New York, USA

At IronClad Investment, we were struggling with our existing IT service team. The solution and the support both were creating issues for the last 6 months. Then we got the recommendation of Technext. And it was the best decision to hire the team. They go through the existing system, analyze the SRS and suggest improvements.

They designed all the pages, and we are extremely happy with their UI/UX design. Then they converted all the design with UI and developed the API driven backend. We are already discussing mobile app development as well. All the best for the team Technext!

Fahim Sajid

Operations Manager, IronClad Investment UK

Technext trustpilot

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How do we find the best programmers?

A good programmer wants your product to be successful. They are optimistic, willing to go the extra mile to get the job done, and always do their best. That’s why we too go the extra mile to find them.


We target the freshers from universities who are good at mathematics, primarily those who participated in the math olympiad or the programming contest. We shortlist the competitive programmers who solved competitive coding challenges before even graduating from the university.


We hire those talents and give them online courses to self-learn from the beginner to intermediate level. Those who prove themselves a self-learner, then we train them to an advanced level. Our in-house senior developers prepare and teach them the industry standard and best practices.


The best part of this process is this it is a continuous circular process. Those who get the training find & recommend other top coders and train them. As an offshore software development company, we do our best to provide them with proper facilities, logistics and competitive salaries.

How we groom programmers to become the best developers

After 10 years and working with hundreds of programmers, we can tell the difference between average, good and great programmers. At technext, our goal is to find good programmers and turn them into great developers.

Begin with books

First, we give them some books and courses in JavaScript. Eloquent JavaScript is one of the books. We give them to finish the book thoroughly along with Mozilla Developer Networks JavaScript guidelines.

Premium courses

Then we give them courses from Udemy, mostly React JS. After finishing the React JS, we give them the Next JS course from Udemy, Coursera etc. Then we give them a simple assignment to finish in 7-14 days to evaluate.

Training from professionals

Then those who can prove themself, we provide Node JS and Express JS courses. Our in-house programmers give them the list of best practices and conventions. Again, we give them assignments to finish.

Real-life projects

In this stage; we assign them a small part in a real project. Our experienced developers supervised their work. That’s the real part where they learn and improve the most; by doing it on their own.

Teach them professionalism

At some point, we teach them how to communicate and teamwork and time management. How to ask pertinent questions, how to manage their schedules, how to report to the client, and how to manage a project and other developers.

Make them culturally fit

At Tachnext, we believe happiness is the key to overall productivity. We regularly arrange cultural or social activities to engage all of our developers so that their life at Technext becomes joyful and they become empathic.

Sample profile of our senior TypeScript developer

We know you believe only in the best TypeScript developers to handle your dream project, and So do we. Our senior developers are among the best you can find in the south Asian region. Don’t believe in our words? Review one of our senior TypeScript developer’s cv.

Anindya Dhruba

Senior Full-stack TypeScript Developer

Experience in TypeScript development: 3 years

Managing director at little Themewagon, author, media junkie, sports fan. I spend most of my time thinking about the impact technology is having on our society.

Major projects
  • Architecture design, full-stack development, team manager of a web application for a bulk email sending solution. Lead in a team of 7 developers.
    • Technologies: AWS, Node.js, Express, React, MySQL, Redis, RabbitMQ, Javascript, SCSS, CSS3, HTML5
  • Full-stack development of a web application for a healthcare provider in the USA. Senior in a team of 5 developers.
    • Technologies: PHP, Laravel, MySQL, Javascript, CSS3, HTML5
  • Full-stack development of a web application for the journal management system of a renowned university. Senior in a team of 3 developers.
    • Technologies: PHP, CodeIgniter, MySQL, Javascript, CSS3, HTML5
Hard skills
  • AWS based architectural design.
  • Back-end development with Node.js.
  • Development of scalable, fault-tolerant, and secure APIs.
  • Frontend development with front-end JavaScript frameworks.
  • Expertise in better UI and UX.
  • Analysis and understanding of large codebases.
  • Experience with SQL and NoSQL databases.
  • Ample expertise in cloud development.
  • Asynchronous programming.
  • Code styling with the use of preprocessors.
Soft skills
  • Fast adaptation to new processes and requirements.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Efficient cooperation with product owners during requirements verification.
  • Mentorship and training of juniors and/or new team members.
  • Driving of programming standards in a team.
  • Active contribution to team discussions on how to properly design the architecture.
  • Proactive optimization of solution performance.
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering.
  • Champion of Code Warriors’ Challenge – 2015
    • Track: Web Application
    • Category: Company
    • Timeline: January 2015
  • Champion of Code Warriors’ Challenge – 2014
    • Track: Web Application
    • Category: University
    • Timeline: January 2014




















How we ensure the finest product quality

Technext believes in excellence, and so do our developers. To maintain excellent product quality, we follow all the industry standards. But we go the extra mile and focus on three key factors to make your product the best in its class.


Software product development is a sophisticated project. The more you focus on planning, the less you have to work to ensure quality. So, initially, we spend a sizable amount of time planning a project. Senior developers do the planning, and the client involvement makes things error-proof.


We embrace all the coding best practices and conventions. All our developers are instructed to write well-structured codes with comments. Make sure our codes are portable, and the use of third-party libraries is optimal. Plus, All codes are reviewed by senior developers from the beginning.


Our senior developers break down the project into tasks during the planning phase. Whenever one task is completed, our developer plus a second developer tests the code for excellent quality. We do this for every client, even if they don’t pay for QA service.

How we ensure successful collaboration

To us, collaboration means working with dreamers worldwide to achieve a shared goal. We do not hesitate to go the extra mile to make your dream project a reality.

Team adjustment on demand

After choosing either team augmentation or dedicated team services, you can easily ask to add or remove FTEs whenever your project needs it. Tchnext promises you to strengthen or down the resources in only 1-5 days.

Professionals continuous development

we ensure that the skills of our engineers always stay sharp and relevant. We provide internal pieces of training, certification course and workshops as well as help our React.js developers

Transparency and commitment

To maintain the highest productivity, transparency and commitment, we use a system of mature KPIs (e.g., cycle time, team velocity, deployment frequency) to monitor the performance of developers and share this information with our clients.

How to hire TypeScript developers through Technext

With Technext, hiring dedicated developers or development teams is as easy as Donald Trump becoming President of the United States.


Give us a nudge

Reach out to us or give us your information, let’s speak and go through your requirements. We even do the wireframing and write down the software requirement specifications for you if needed.


Let’s discuss the engagement model

We will discuss the engagement model with you. We have one project on, a monthly basis, developers & designers and a dedicated team. Decide which one works best for you.


Build your offshore development team

Build your dream team at a 50% reduced cost than hiring a software engineer or UI/UX designer in the US, keeping the same standard of work without the hassle of managing the in-house team & logistics.


Risk-free trial for 15 days

If you hire a developer or designer for a monthly basis, you can give him/her a risk free 15 days trial. No upfront payment is required. So that you can ensure we are the right fit or not.

Speak to us!

The digital landscape is constantly evolving; just when you think you’ve gotten the hang of it, you realise that things are a-changing once again. And we are here to help.

How to Hire a Great TypeScript Developers: A Simple Guide

Typescript is an open-source JavaScript-based object-oriented programming language that offers the extra advantage of static typing. Microsoft develops and maintains this language, which developers use for front-end and back-end development.

One of the many things that TypeScript can do is make JavaScript code simpler and UIs, solve bugs and define overloaded functions.

TypeScript is one of the most searched abilities in developers since it is easy to read, compatible with JavaScript libraries, and usable in full-stack development.

The demand and supply of TypeScript developers are fairly high; however, finding a dedicated developer with many years of experience in this technology and other related frameworks that your organization might need during the development process is challenging. Mostly because TypeScript gained popularity in recent times. 

With this in mind, here are some statistics and advice to help you pick the perfect developer. But before that, let’s discuss the challenges. 

The Challenges of Hiring TypeScript Developers

As you know, TypeScript is a key internet language that is so widely used that most software engineers use it regularly. Given TypeScript’s widespread use in most web/mobile applications, poor programming can be costly. Hiring a top-notch typescript developer for your firm comes with several challenges.

Find a TypeScript developer with a solid understanding of JavaScript and several years of experience with the older programming language. You should also seek someone who can design complex programs using TypeScript. Request proof of previous success completing these kinds of activities.

Choosing an appropriate developer for a role requires a lot of patience, time, talent, and money. Be mindful and recognize that the amount of time you would have to spend looking for a developer would cost your firm more money.

In recent years, a growing percentage of IT professionals have Bootcamp degrees. These Bootcamp graduates are filling job advertising. Even while Bootcamp graduates are helping satisfy the demand for tech workers, most firms still prefer university graduates. As a manager or business owner, it is up to you to decide whether or not to use education as a decisive factor in recruiting your tech team.

Due to industry competitiveness, recruiters are having trouble attracting software engineers. Each organization offers different benefits to recruiting top developers. These are some benefits companies give to attract new tech talent. IT professionals and other job searchers are now looking beyond salary. They evaluate rewards, bonuses, corporate culture, and career progression.

Experience, education, geography, tech stack, and tech tools affect a developer’s salary. The rising demand for software developers has pushed up salaries. In-house software engineers cost higher, given the above criteria. With more competition, it’s up to you to offer new developers a great deal while staying within your budget.

What Skills to Look for in a Good TypeScript Developer?

Finding the right TypeSript Developer with the right balance of technical and soft skills can not only fill a needed position but also improve your company’s brand. So you need to give importance to both skill sets while hiring. You can understand more from the following discussion.

Technical Skills

You can start looking from experience in Typescript with mastery in microservices architecture. An advanced understanding of React.js and its patterns is also needed. Code knowledge of Javascript is a must. Knowledge of CSS preprocessors, like SAAS & LESS, is very helpful. A critical thinker with great problem-solving skills is a catch. You can also add or remove technical skills based on your team’s requirements.

Soft Skills

Now let’s take a look at Soft skills. Soft skills are more than just desirable. They are required for anyone interested in working in software development. Good soft skills imply being confident, approachable, personable, reliable, and trustworthy – in other words, someone who others enjoy working with and want to learn more about. This opens up new possibilities for your company or team.

What sets apart a great TypeScript developer?

An excellent TypeScript developer should be familiar with and have worked with C# or Java and be fluent in their core technology. They should also be familiar with design patterns, testing, modules, interfaces, inheritance, and classes.

Knowledge of React, Angular, or Vue, as well as front-end UI libraries like Tailwind, ChakraUi, or MaterialUi, are some of the supplementary tech stacks that can make them invaluable team members.

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