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Quickly hire Dedicated Node JS developers who are experienced, friendly, and work in a managed environment.

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Choose your desired candidate from our pool of tried and tested Node JS developers. No tedious searching, no onboarding hassle and quick placement in just 1-2 weeks.


Test our Node JS engineers with a real-life or pilot project. Observe their work, ethics and gain confidence in their abilities before signing a contract.


We have less than a 5% turnover rate at Technext. So if you hire our developer, you’ll have the same guys working on your project for months, if not years.

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Why take the risk of hiring freelancers from platforms like Fiverr or Upwork who take no responsibility for code quality or completion?
At Technext, our Node JS developers operate within a supervised office environment where every line of code undergoes a thorough review.
In addition, we take full responsibility for ensuring the successful completion of your project.

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Seamlessly integrate with your team

Our Node JS developers have been carefully selected and meticulously trained to work with North American StartUps, ScaleUps, and Enterprises. Need an extra hand? They can start working immediately.

Hire Remote Engineers at good rates for software engineering


Groomed to be top programmers since their college days. Now seasoned developers with skills and portfolios you will definitely appreciate.

Easy to communicate

Effective communication is more than being fluent. Our engineers are trained to simplify complex ideas to facilitate easy yet fruitful communication.


We know project requirements can change unexpectedly, and our team of developers is equipped to adapt and excel in the face of changes and challenges.

Take ownership

Our developers don’t just consider themselves as individuals working on a task. They approach your project with a deep sense of responsibility and commitment.

Flexible engagement models

Technext has tailored engagement models to meet your specific needs and save you time. Whether you need a dedicated Node JS developer or a full front-end team, we’ve got you covered.


When you need one or two Node js developers to augment your existing team or to perform a specific task.


When you need a dedicated team of Node JS developers or an entire web development team for your project.


Have an idea? Let us take your idea, create an excellent team, and create a product you and your users will love.


Need a more flexible model? Pay only for the time and resources you need while enjoying complete flexibility

Why partner up with Technext

Partnering with Technext is like having an in-house team in a different country. You’ll get every flexibility and benefit of having an in-house team of Node JS developers without dealing with the complexities.


Since 2012, Technext has helped entrepreneurs and enterprises. Its own startups/ventures have been successful. In addition, hundreds of businesses chose Technext to establish their digital solutions like web applications, mobile applications, and UI/UX design.


10+ years! YES, Technext has years of experience in the business/tech industry. This includes Project management, Technical knowledge, Design knowledge, Testing etc. Technext has in-house projects like – Mailbluster, Gradnet, Falcon, Smart LMS etc and client-based projects like – Xeniapp, Codexpro, 99minds, Wed-match etc


The key to truly successful work is not only technology but also working with the right people. Technext has a resource of highly efficient professionals. They bring diversity to work and provide a solution that will be a strong foundation for your business.


In the last 10 years, technext has established a near-perfect work process through trial and error. We found that involving the client in every step brings out the optimal result. So, Now at technext, we always follow the framework and maintain client satisfaction.


At Technext, we believe in transparency and authenticity. Our clients get access to our worksheet to let them know what they are paying for. We charge for our work, not more, not less. And our research shows that this no-hidden charge model we apply can save up to 50% cost.


Development tells only half of a business story. Along the way to success, a business leader has to face thousands of technical difficulties. Technext is committed to providing life-long consultancy support, even after a project is done.

Some of Our Recent Works


Investment Firm Management Solution

Advanced financial management solution empowering a UK-based finance Firm. Technext developed a new database, API, web portal, mobile app and more.
Investment Firm Management Solution

No-Code Solution for the Travel Industry

A no-code platform that allows people to create their own online travel booking brand without worrying about managing complex technology.
No-Code Solution for the Travel Industry
CRM | Marketing

Project Management & CRM Software

Custom-made CRM and project management solution, driving growth at an Austin, Texas marketing firm. Technext managed full-stack development.
Project Management & CRM Software
marketplace platform | Event

Marketplace platform for Event-Related Services

An Upwork-like marketplace platform custom-made to meet the unique needs of the events industry. Technext managed the end-to-end development.
Marketplace platform for Event-Related Services

Fun-Learning Ed-Tech Platform

Berlin-based ed-tech platform offering live online coding courses for kids and teens. Developed by Technext with the goal that children have fun while learning.
Fun-Learning Ed-Tech Platform
AI | professional development

AI-Powered Resume Builder & CV Scorer

Comprehensive solution for a Canadian career counseling and transition services company featuring an AI-powered resume builder, CV scorer, and learning platform.
AI-Powered Resume Builder & CV Scorer for Graduates

clients Praise Technext


I’ve worked with Technext on a variety of projects over the last year. Their UI/React experience is top notch (google Falcon React for an example). Their backend/nodejs knowledge is also very good. Everything we’ve done has been hosted on AWS. I’m a developer myself, so I’m very particular about the way things get built – and Technext listens to me. I’ve enjoyed working with each and every developer I’ve worked with from technext (I’m up to 7 from various projects!). They’re all smart, curious, hard-working, kind, and generous.

Patrick Foley
Patrick Foley
USA Flag
Precision Countertops

I have been using Technext for 3 months now for our web development implementation and have been thoroughly impressed with their knowledge, communication and delivery to date. They have always been very transparent, realistic and professional in all of our dealings. After being let down in the past by developers/tech teams I am so happy we trusted Technext to build our system, cannot fault them in any area!

Fahim Sajid
UK Flag
Ironclad Investment

The Technext team has provided excellent support for both UX/UI & front-end development for all of my businesses. I like the guys because they are always available for you when needed. I love working with them very much; they are very flexible and knowledgeable. They give daily updates and come up with better solutions in every situation.

Pravin Kamble
Pravin Kamble
USA Flag
XeniApp Inc.

Technext created a project dashboard and CRM for an advertising and marketing company. Technext accomplished each project phase within the predetermined milestones. They efficiently addressed and resolved critical bugs, ensuring all issues were resolved within 24 hours of being reported. The team actively engaged in meetings and consistently offered updates on the project’s status.

Anonymous feedback
USA Flag

The Technext System

Over the course of more than a decade, Tecnext has created and enhanced a self-sufficient system that facilitates growth for us, our clients, and our developers.

Technext System

How we groom programmers to become the best developers

After 10 years and working with hundreds of programmers, we can tell the difference between average, good and great programmers. At technext, our goal is to find good programmers and turn them into great developers.

Begin with books and courses

First, we give you some books and courses on JavaScript and TypeScript. They need to finish the book thoroughly, along with the Mozilla Developer Network guidelines. They then move on to courses offered by experienced developers.

Training from professionals

Then those who can prove themselves, we provide advanced training from our in-house senior developers. Our experienced developers guide them by hand and teach them the industry’s best practices. Once again, we give them tasks to finish.

Real-life projects

At this stage, we assign them a small part of a real project. Our experienced developers supervise your work. That is the real part where they learn and improve the most; doing it on their own.

Soft skills & professionalism

As individuals progress, we guide them in mastering effective communication, simplifying intricate assignments, and embracing teamwork. We also impart valuable lessons on time management, asking relevant questions, organizing schedules, reporting to clients, and supervising the projects of fellow developers.

Work ethics and happiness

At Technext, we believe having a strong work ethic is as important as having skills, if not more. As a result, we strive to cultivate this quality. We also believe happiness is the key to overall productivity. So, we regularly arrange cultural or social activities to engage all of our developers so that their life at Technext becomes joyful and they become empathic.

How we ensure the finest product quality

Technext believes in excellence, and so do our developers. To maintain excellent product quality, we follow all the industry standards. But we go the extra mile and focus on three key factors to make your product the best in its class.


Software product development is a sophisticated project. The more you focus on planning, the less you have to work to ensure quality. So, initially, we spend a sizable amount of time planning a project. Senior developers do the planning, and the client involvement makes things error-proof.


We embrace all the coding best practices and conventions. All our developers are instructed to write well-structured codes with comments. Make sure our codes are portable, and the use of third-party libraries is optimal. Plus, All codes are reviewed by senior developers from the beginning.


Our senior developers break down the project into tasks during the planning phase. Whenever one task is completed, our developer plus a second developer tests the code for excellent quality. We do this for every client, even if they don’t pay for QA service.

How we ensure successful collaboration

To us, collaboration means working with dreamers worldwide to achieve a shared goal. We do not hesitate to go the extra mile to make your dream project a reality.

Team adjustment on demand

Software product development is a sophisticated project. The more you focus on planning, the less you have to work to ensure quality. So, initially, we spend a sizable amount of time planning a project. Senior developers do the planning, and the client involvement makes things error-proof.

Professionals continuous development

We embrace all the coding best practices and conventions. All our developers are instructed to write well-structured codes with comments. Make sure our codes are portable, and the use of third-party libraries is optimal. Plus, All codes are reviewed by senior developers from the beginning.

Transparency and commitment

Our senior developers break down the project into tasks during the planning phase. Whenever one task is completed, our developer plus a second developer tests the code for excellent quality. We do this for every client, even if they don’t pay for QA service.

Hiring the Best Node JS Developers in 2023: The Complete Guide for Non-Techies

Node.js is one of the most widely used back-end technologies and the foundation for numerous software solutions. It was a gift for JavaScript developers worldwide who struggled to integrate their code into a long-term development environment by switching between multiple languages and frameworks.

With Node.js, you can finally create web apps with two-way connections, allowing the server and client to communicate and exchange data in real-time. For developers who wish to build real-time web apps, Node.js has been revolutionary.

You might think as Node js is so revolutionary that hiring the perfect Node JS developer is easy. Let me warn you – It’s not going to be easy. Many people can’t figure out how to find Perfect Node.js developers simply because the demand for Node.js experts surpasses the supply of perfect skilled Node.js experts. Many developers started working as Node JS developers. Still, developers have to master too many modules, so there is always lackings of qualified node js developers to hire in the market.

In this article, we’ve covered everything necessary to make hiring Node JS developers efficient and successful. So, let’s figure out how to fine-tune your team with developers who are well-suited to your project’s requirements

Step 1: Identifying Your Needs and Preparing the Candidate Profile 

A ‘candidate profile’ overviews a company’s available position and the ideal candidate. It can also define the platforms and recruiting strategies that the organization will employ to locate people. A candidate profile, when used internally, can help the hiring team understand the position they’re filling and ensure that candidates are evaluated fairly.

Hiring the Best Node JS Developers in 2023

A candidate profile can help you speed up the hiring process by allowing you to make important decisions about the position before meeting with candidates.

  • You can recruit people that closely fulfill the job description before hiring
  • You can select through all the applications more efficiently and find the best fit while sorting.
  • You’ll be able to remove undue external influences from the hiring process by evaluating each candidate.

To prepare a candidate profile, you can start by setting a goal. For example, let’s say you want to develop a dynamic website for a startup with a complex database. It will require both back-end and front-end development skills.

To build the website, you can use  React, Angular, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for the front-end and Node JS or Express JS for the back-end. 

Once you have sorted the technologies, it’s time to think about the developers. You can hire one back-end and one front-end developer or a full-stack developer who can do both front and back-end development. Now, this is the time you analyze the pros and cons of hiring two developers or one full-stack developer. Hiring two engineers will reduce your development time. But it also might be overkill, and you can proceed with a full-stack Node JS developer. 

Now, depending on expertise/experience, you can find three types of developers-

Junior developer: Who is still learning about development and gaining practical experience in the workplace.  

Mid-level developer:  Junior developers with 2-3 years can use their skills and experience and become the mid-level specialist

Senior developers:  Because of their deep, specialized knowledge, experience, intuition and deep domain understanding, Senior developers are often referred to as problem solvers.

There are different levels of seniority for senior developers.

In reference to the example mentioned before, for your candidate profile, you can choose what kind of developer will best suit your project. In the case of a dynamic website, you can select senior developers. They can build end-to-end solutions fast and can give you suggestions on technologies and architecture. Most importantly, they have in-depth knowledge of the domain.

Summarising your ideal the candidate profile to build a dynamic website 

So, in this hypothetical case, “You need to hire a senior full-stack Node Js developer to build a dynamic website with a database for a startup in 3/4 months.”  

You can add additional qualities to your candidate profile as per your project requirements.

This stage will provide you with a clear image of the candidate you wish to hire regarding technical skills, experience, and responsibilities. You’ll also have a better concept of the specific objectives you want to achieve with the hire.

Once you’re done, it’s time to see how the candidate’s profile helps you prepare a Node JS Developers list.

Step 2: Prepare a List of Node JS Developers Based on the Candidate’s Profile 

The Candidate profile you prepared can act as a base while preparing the list of Node JS developers while hiring. You can easily search through applications to locate the closest fit with the help of the Candidate profile. But first, you need to know where you can find such developers.

Prepare a List of Node JS Developers Based on the Candidate's Profile 

Well, we have a shortlist of such places for you. You can find the best applicants from the following platforms to prepare the list according to your candidate profile.

1. Technext 

From the above discussion, I hope you get an idea of Technext’s work process. Since Technext also allows you to hire individual developers, it can be an excellent place to start looking for skilled Node JS engineers. It has been in service for the past 12 years and has completed numerous successful projects. The best thing about hiring from Technext is that they carefully maintain the quality of work. As it has a large team working under the same roof, you’ll get professional industry-standard results from the Node JS developer.   

2. Toptal

Toptal is a good place to go if your company requires just the top Node JS specialists worldwide. Toptal maintains its developers’ quality through a rigorous selection process. You can count on raw talent and high-quality work when you choose Total. But, Toptal is slightly expensive, and they won’t personally check or maintain the quality of work. These are the only disadvantages of hiring through Toptal. 

3. Upwork

Upwork is one of the largest work marketplaces for hiring freelancer developers. There you can find developers of all skill sets, even if your budget is low. The main problem with hiring from Upwork is that they don’t maintain the quality that much. So, if you are not an expert yourself, you have to gamble on the quality of the work.

4. Gigster

Gigster is a professional platform that uses its network of subject matter experts, proven delivery, methodology, and fully managed services to deliver enterprise applications at record speed. That takes care of the most challenging aspects of management. It combines human and artificial intelligence to quickly assemble a team of specialists who can go to work right now.

So, you can go to one of the places and make a list of potential Node JS experts for hire. After this stage, you have a list of Node JS developers based on your candidate profile.

Step 3:  Review the Candidates

Now, it’s time to review the candidates to hire Node JS Developer. This stage aims to get to know the candidate’s personality and evaluate their communication, critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork capabilities. It’s also a chance to learn about some other job-related characteristics.

Review the Candidates

Soft Skills Review

Typically, for the soft skills review, you can:  

  • Check whether the candidate’s and organization’s values are compatible: whether they match project needs and goals, are good team players, are goal-oriented, etc. This is the most fundamental but crucial step in the soft skills review.
  • Discuss the candidate’s salary expectations and the company’s benefits and advantages.
  • If a position needs leadership or more advanced talents, the recruiter also verifies these.

Companies may use overly basic questions to pre-filter candidates’ technical or domain knowledge. This helps to speed the hiring process by avoiding a more extensive technical skills examination for candidates with more visible knowledge gaps.

Technical Skills Review

After passing the soft skills section, the candidate is given the opportunity to exhibit their professional web development knowledge and ability. Senior or higher-level engineers, such as tech leads, solution architects, and others, frequently conduct these interviews

Probably, you are searching for varying degrees of competence, ranging from junior to senior Node.js developers or even team leads, depending on the work complexity and project role. It’s always been difficult to identify between developer levels because there aren’t any specific guidelines for doing so; understandably, they differ between businesses and teams. 

Furthermore, because the languages are similar, most front-end engineers are familiar with the basics of Node.js. You don’t need a lot of Node.js knowledge to start with a simple HTTP server, construct a simple script, or use Node.js in specific third-party libraries.

After reviewing the candidates based on soft skills and technical skills, you have a short-listed candidate for further interview and hire as a Node JS expert for your project. 

Step 4: Interview the Short Listed Candidates

In this step, You have to interview the short-listed candidates. To make this process successful, you can start by preparing some interview questions. You can choose some topics to ask questions to the candidates.

Interview the Short Listed Candidates

Tell me about yourself

You can start the interview with some candidate-related questions such as:

  • Tell me a bit about yourself?
  • Interests you share with the company?
  • What excites you about software development?
  • Future goals?
  • What is a recent project which you are proud of?

Hypothetical Questions

You can ask them some hypothetical questions to know their work style, recent achievements etc.

  • Tell me about a time that you had to deal with a tricky bug. How did you fix it? What was the outcome?
  • Do you prefer to work by pairing with others or on your own?
  • What do you like about the programming language you use?
  • Which new features of the language do you use most and why?
  • Describe your team’s typical workflow for a project. What do you like about it? What don’t you want about it?

Technical Questions

For technical assessment, you can prepare a list of questions related to front-end, back-end, or full-stack roles and your other hiring requirements. You can find this type of resource online. It might seem like a lot of work upfront, but spending the time to prepare and convert your thoughts can help you to find your desired Node JS developer.  

  • Recent problems you have experienced and the solutions you implemented for the problem?
  • What is Node JS?
  • Why use Node JS? 
  • How does Node JS work? 
  • Why is Node JS Single-threaded? Etc. 

To perform a successful interview, not only do you focus on questions, but there are other mistakes you need to avoid. Try to avoid the following common mistakes

  • Not reading the candidate’s CV before the interview
  • Being too quick to judge
  • Poor timekeeping
  • Giving a robotic introduction
  • Appearing disinterested
  • A poor questioning technique
  • Not being ready for their questions
  • Speaking negatively
  • Not confirming the next steps

The job interview is a two-way process; the candidate must be convinced that you are the right fit for them as their next employer. As a result, make sure you’ve done your homework, shown interest, and, most importantly, shown the candidate why they should choose you over everyone else.

Step 5: Coding Assessment

If you ask what is the most crucial step in hiring a Node JS expert. It’s the Coding Assessment step. 

After all, profiles, work samples, and interviews will only tell you about a person’s personality. 

But seeing how the developers complete the real-life task will give you a brief overview of how someone will contribute to your team if they join it.

Coding Assessmen

There are two ways: In-person and take-home tests. 

In-Person Assessment:

An in-person coding assessment is completed at your premises when you invite a developer to your workplace and give them assignments to complete.

Take-home Coding Assessment

A take-home assessment is a work sample where you ask candidates to complete a task that will show you their practical skills and thought processes. To accomplish these tasks, you can set a due date. 

You can choose any of these assessments to select your Node JS expert. Just keep in mind that this assessment needs fit within a reasonable expectation of invested time and effort.

Step 6: Make the Decision

You have all of the necessary knowledge to make the best decision when hiring Node.js web developers.

Make the Decision

Now the final step, where you decide based on the entire findings you had through the different stages of hiring the right Node JS developer. If you want to hire a Node.js developer to receive the best results possible and for your project to succeed, It’s important you follow these steps.