Case Study

Project Management & CRM Software for Digital Agency

Custom development of CRM and project management software with minimal features. Primarily built with Nextjs, Mysql, Tailwind CSS, this solution tailored meet the needs of a growing marketing company in Texas, USA.

Project management and CRM



Custom Web Application Development

Project Duration

4 Months

Team Members


About the Project

Our client is the CEO of an award-winning marketing company located in Allen, Texas. Their goal is to help clients grow their business by offering personalized service unmatched in the industry. Since their founding, they have helped over 1000 clients and have over 100 active clients.

As part of their business, they continually onboard new customers while also supporting old ones. Their nature of work requires them to collaborate intensively with clients and provide them with regular updates.

Therefore, they needed an all-in-one software to manage their digital agency, where they could onboard their clients and team members. Create and manage client projects while keeping track of the invoices, as well as a simple CRM to streamline onboarding new clients.

So, they contacted Technext to develop a tailored CRM and project management software and opted for our custom web application development service.

Technext managed the end-to-end development, including UI/UX design, front-end, and back-end development.

Business Challenges

  1. Maintaining different tools for different purposes, such as CRM for client onboarding and Trello for project management, proved tedious for the leadership team.
  2. Continuously onboarding new clients with unique requirements while maintaining excellent service for existing clients.
  3. Making sure that the agency and its clients can seamlessly work together throughout the entire project journey.
  4. Managing several client projects simultaneously while keeping an eye on project progress, deadlines, and team assignments, which can easily become overwhelming without the right tools.
  5. Creating lasting customer relationships and maintaining records of interactions, preferences, and historical data was becoming difficult.
  6. Last but not least, it was becoming hard for the leadership team to have a glance over all the running projects and tasks and take necessary steps.

Goals Set to Technext

  1. Design an all-in-one solution where all your clients and team members can log in and track progress.
  2. Creating a lean project management module (like a toned-down version of Trello) that integrates their specific needs (such as task templates).
  3. Creating another lean CRM module with only the features the marketing company required.
  4. Creating some micromodules based on the customer’s specific requirements.

Service Process

The customer came in with a clear idea of what they needed. They had a discovery call with our Managing Director, Reza Haque. After a few more meetings, we created a detailed project plan with milestones. Then, the client collaborated with our leadership team and formed a team of developers and designers. The selected team had a few meetings to collect requirements and finalize the project plan.

The client opted in for a custom web application service as the fixed-priced model suited their budget expectations.

Tech Stack

The tools and technologies were selected based on the specific needs of the users. Budget, security, and customer performance were among the key considerations. As the solution was developed with minimal functionalities, we also kept scalability as a top priority.

Web Technologies

Project Results

  • Successfully adhered to the project timeline, meeting all agreed-upon milestones.
  • Completed the development of the dashboard application within the designated timeframe.
  • Timely resolution of all critical bugs within 24 hours of reporting, with a target of 3 business days for non-critical issues.
  • Achieved a fast load time of the dashboard homepage, averaging 3 seconds for standard internet connections.
  • Conducted regular security audits and vulnerability assessments, promptly addressing and mitigating identified risks.
  • Thoroughly documented all code changes, APIs, and integrations for future development and maintenance.
  • Maintained up-to-date technical documentation for the entire project.
  • Actively participated in team meetings and provided regular progress updates on assigned tasks.
  • Efficiently implemented requested changes by the project manager and stakeholders within agreed-upon timeframes.