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Empower your digital presence with Technext

As the parent company of Themewagon, a renowned marketplace offering front-end templates with stunning designs, Technext has been a driving force in the industry since 2012. With a legacy of over 100+ completed design projects, we bring expertise and innovation to elevate your online ventures.

Sounds like a team you can depend on? Let’s enhance the user experience of your software.

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What sets our design apart

Our designs are an exceptional combination of creativity and user-centricity. They have the power to

enhance your brand, mesmerize your audience, and deliver unbeatable digital experiences.

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We design interfaces that effortlessly meet users’ needs, ensuring a seamless and intuitive experience that delights them.


Simplicity and Clarity

We embrace artful simplicity, creating uncluttered interfaces that empower users to achieve their goals with ease.



We maintain a harmonious balance across touchpoints, ensuring a coherent user journey that fosters familiarity and trust.

Emotional connection

Emotional Connection

Our design creates lasting bonds with users through impactful visuals and micro-interactions, creating loyal brand advocates.

Client success stories

Discover how our expertise in UI/UX design has enabled our clients to thrive in their industry,

drive growth, and exceed expectations.”

ui ux design services

We can help you with

Maximize efficiency with multiple UI/UX design service options. Make intelligent choices and only opt for services that are essential.

  • User Research and Persona Development
  • Wireframing and Prototyping
  • Visual Design and Branding
  • Mobile App and Web Design
  • Usability Testing and Iterative Improvements

Customer-centric flexible engagement models

Technext has tailored engagement models to meet your specific needs and save you time. Whether you need an individual designer or a team, we’ve got you covered.

Staff Augmentation

When you need one or two designers to augment your existing team or to perform a specific task.

Dedicated Team

When you need a dedicated UI/UX design team to work alongside your in-house team.

Custom Project

Have a custom UI/UX or product design project. Hand over the entire project, and we take care of the rest.

Time and Material

Need a more flexible model? Pay only for the time and resources you need while enjoying complete flexibility.

Need help choosing?

Share your requirements with us, our project managers will share the right candidates with you, interview the candidate and start working with confidence!

Why partner up with Technext

Partnering with Technext is like having an in-house team in a different country. You’ll get every flexibility and benefit of having an in-house team of expert designers without dealing with the complexities.

trusted Partner

Since 2012, Technext has helped entrepreneurs and enterprises. Its own startups/ventures have been successful. In addition, hundreds of businesses chose Technext to establish their digital solutions like web applications, mobile applications, and UI/UX design.

10 years of experiance

10+ years! YES, Technext has years of experience in the business/tech industry. This includes Project management, Technical knowledge, Design knowledge, Testing etc. Technext has in-house projects like – Mailbluster, Gradnet, Falcon, Smart LMS etc and client-based projects like – Xeniapp, Codexpro, 99minds, Wed-match etc.


The key to truly successful work is not only technology but also working with the right people. Technext has a resource of highly efficient professionals. They bring diversity to work and provide a solution that will be a strong foundation for your business.

Work Process

In the last 10 years, technext has established a near-perfect work process through trial and error. We found that involving the client in every step brings out the optimal result. So, Now at technext, we always follow the framework and maintain client satisfaction.


At technext, we believe in transparency and authenticity. Our clients get access to our worksheet to let them know what they are paying for. We charge for our work, not more, not less. And our research shows that this no-hidden charge model we apply can save up to 50% cost.


Development tells only half of a business story. Along the way to success, a business leader has to face thousands of technical difficulties. Technext is committed to providing life-long consultancy support, even after a project is done.

Our Streamlined UI/UX Design Process

At Technext, we don’t settle for ordinary UI/UX solutions. We go above and beyond to deliver the most user-centric designs that genuinely

resonate with your audience.

begin with the books

Research & discovery

We start with in-depth research to understand your business, target audience, and project goals, setting the foundation for our design approach.


Wireframing & prototyping

Infusing creativity and your brand identity, our designers craft visually appealing interfaces that resonate with your audience.


Visual design & branding

Infusing creativity and your brand identity, our designers craft visually appealing interfaces that resonate with your audience.


Usability testing & refinement

Thoroughly testing the design with real users, we gather feedback to fine-tune the interface for optimal usability and satisfaction.


Delivery & support

Upon delivery, we continue to monitor user feedback, ensuring the design continues to meet user needs and deliver success for your business.

Still have doubts? See for yourself what we’ve built

Don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself what we have built. From a premium and complex admin panel that sells thousands to client projects, our work speaks for itself.

Speak to us!

The digital landscape is constantly evolving; just when you think you’ve gotten the hang of it, you realise that things are a-changing once again. And we are here to help.

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