Outsource your startup headache

You focus on the business, let us do the hard work for you. You can outsource MVP deign and development, hire offshore engineering team, UX designers and digital marketing resources; at great price with the top notch quality.

UI/UX Design

90% startups failed when their user experience bad UX design in the software.

UI/UX design services

  • User Stories
  • Wireframe Design
  • Information Architecture
  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Prototyping


Front-end could be time consuming and hassle for many of your in-house developers.

Front-end development services

  • React JS
  • Next JS
  • Vue JS
  • Redux
  • Bootstrap
  • Tailwind
  • Material UI


Experienced backend developers aren’t willing to join the early stage startup.

Backend development services

  • Node JS
  • Next JS
  • Python & Django
  • Ruby on Rails
  • React Native
  • MySQL & MongoDB
  • Architecture Design


DevOps could a great help to minimize the recurring cost while ensuring 99% uptime.

DevOps services

  • Code Inspection
  • CI/CD Implementation
  • Deployment Automation
  • Managed Services
  • AWS
  • Digital Ocean
  • SES, EC2, DynamoDB, Kinetic, Lambda

Cyber Security

Hackers are waiting for your solution to launch and when you scale, they will attack.

Cyber security services

  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • VAPT Report
  • Penetration Testing
  • Threat Detection
  • Web Application Security

Digital Marketing

We can make your SaaS and startups appear in the Google search result.

Digital marketing services

  • Site Audit
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Content Outline
  • Content Writing
  • SEO
  • Infographics
  • Backlink Generation
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Flexible engagement models

Technext have tailored engagement models to match your needs and save you time, money & effort. It will be your right offshore software development partner; in the long run from the day one.

Staff Augmentation

Need additional engineer or designer? Our experienced engineers and designers seamlessly integrate with your in-house team.

Dedicated Team

Need a dedicated team to work on your project? Choose from our pool of vetted engineers and designers and build your team yourself.

Custom Project

Have an idea? Let us take your idea, create an excellent team, and create a product you and your users will love.

Time and Material

Need a more flexible model? Pay only for the time and resources you need while enjoying complete flexibility.

Headstart your dream project, now!

We would love to schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your vision & ideas, technology, and engagement models.

Our startup experiences

Last 10 years we have successfully created 3 startups that are in the growth stage, raised funds, helped other founders to achive product market fit and scale. We can share our experiences, industry best practices and real world knowledge with you.



MailBluster is developed with #Node JS React JS, Express JS, MySql. It has microservice based serverless architecture. MailBluster uses AWS, Lambda, SES. It’s an engineering marvel that Technext team is very proud of. Already 1 Billion+ emails have been sent by 19292 customers, small business, startups and entrepreneurs.



ThemeWagon team is creating beatul website and web application dashboard templates. Since 2015, it has 20,000+ customers globally. Also, 1.2 Million+ users downloaded the free HTML5 and Bootstrap 5 templates. Their flagship product Falcon and Falcon React has been in the top selling list of Bootstrap’s official template marketplace.



Gradnet is helping alumni associations & universities to reconnect their alumni. Gradnet graduated from Founder Institute Adelaide & received 1 Million BDT grant from the IDEA project of Bangladesh Government. It helped 26 alumni associations to raise 10M+ BDT as fundraising, 5M+ in event ticket selling and 6M+ as membership.


1 Billion

Email sent using MailBluster

1 Million+

Users & customers in ThemeWagon

15 Million

BDT transactions through Gradnet


Web app & dashboard template Falcon

What our partners say

From startups to enterprises, our clients have had a positive experience working with us, and we are proud to share their feedback.

Smart, curious, persistent, loyal

I’ve worked with Technext on a variety of projects over the last year. Their UI/React experience is top notch (google Falcon React for an example). Their backend/nodejs knowledge is also very good. Everything we’ve done has been hosted on AWS. I’m a developer myself, so I’m very particular about the way things get built – and Technext listens to me. I’ve enjoyed working with each and every developer I’ve worked with from technext (I’m up to 7 from various projects!). They’re all smart, curious, hard-working, kind, and generous. One of the most overlooked qualities of an offshore development firm is loyalty. Technext has built an organization that people want to work for – so they don’t have the same turnover problems that plague some similar companies. All software development is hard. Offshore development adds additional complexities. But for certain projects, the cost savings of working with an offshore company are simply too great to ignore. If you have the right kind of project, Technext is absolutely worth a look for you. As a specific example, if you have an idea for a web-based product that you want someone to build – you should talk with Technext to see if it’s a fit.

Patrick Foley
Founder, Simple Integrations
Michigan, USA
Project: Countertop Wizard

Outstanding expertise

We used Technext’s services in both Germany and Bangladesh. We changed and renewed our system and received helpful advice. Thank you very much for your support and knowledge.
We would gladly use the service again if necessary.

Co-Founder & CEO
CodexPro GmbH, Germany

Transparent, Knowledgable and Professional Web Development!

I have been using Technext for 3 months now for our web development implementation and have been thoroughly impressed with their knowledge, communication and delivery to date. They have always been very transparent, realistic and professional in all of our dealings. After being let down in the past by developers/tech teams I am so happy we trusted Technext to build our system, cannot fault them in any area!

Fahim Sajid
Operations Manager, Ironclad Investments
United kingdom

Trusted Since 2012

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