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Our team always enjoys interesting projects that are challenging and original. No matter the task is, we are up to it. While we have the ability of learning new things quickly and can take on just anything you throw at us, here are a few areas we specialize in.

Web applications

Web apps are the backbone of today's most popular software as a service product. We will help you succeed by conducting through market research and providing you actionable insights to position your product in the top. We will design the sketches, prototypes, and wireframes before writing a single line of code. We will implement analytics, feedback tools, support essentials to drive your business successfully.

Mobile apps

Over 50% of the smartphone users start using their phone just after waking up in the morning and spend more than 3 hours per day. Our team can help you design an incredible iOS or Android application no matter the complexity. We will start by auditing your existing product/service or idea and build the prototype. Then we will begin building the interactions, animations, gestures and visual design.

Website design

Technext Website Design team creates state of the art design ensuring the consistency and perfection across all major operating systems. It creates synergy between visuals, feelings, and experiences. Millions of users are using the themes and templates created by the super talented and passionate web design team.

eCommerce Sites

Consumers are driving crazy to online stores and shops in record numbers. Our team can help you monetize your checkout page, create seamless buying experience on handheld devices, setup email marketing solution and help you sell more.

Web portals

From multi-vendor companies like eBay to government website dashboard, our team has front-end and back-end experience to design and build intuitive systems that stores and presents a ton of information in the most user-friendly way.

Data driven apps

Our team can help you in building data-driven applications to ease your business process automation, multiple inventories management, account management, large-scale testing operation with a reporting dashboard. Share your imagination with us.

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