Self Guided Performance Report

Dear team mates, you know we have fun and flexible work environment. We want to continue this cool office culture. We don’t want to force you anything. That’s why, you will get the opportunity to submit your monthly performance by yourself.

Be honest, then we can help you to improve. See it from a neutral perspective, this is designed to improve yourself by yourself with the help of the team. At the end, you and the team, both wins!

KPI or Key performance indicator is a quantifiable measure used to evaluate the success of an organization, team members, etc. in meeting objectives for performance.

At Technext, we will use the following variable as the Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

  1. Ownership – How much ownership you are taking and showing care for when you handle projects, client, team members, tasks, issues, support, device, desks, office environment, office culture, and whatever you can think of you should take care as the part of the company.
  2. Communication – How effectively you can communicate with the team members, clients, how good you are at listening and understanding others at the workplace. Also, how good you are at written and verbal communication.
  3. Learning – Can you learn by yourself if you get the resources? How fast you can learn a new things? How much eagerness you have to learn new technologies, explore various way to make the team successful!
  4. Efficiency – Can you write efficient code following best practices? Can you design efficiently? Can you write efficient ever green content?
  5. Velocity – How fast you can accomplish a task you are assigned to!
  6. On time Delivery – Can you deliver on time within the deadline! Do you miss the deadline often!
  7. Resource Management – Do you manage, help, guide, mentor other team members.
  8. Client Management – Do you manage, communicate any client or project directly without the help of other team members.
  9. Discipline – Are you discipline?
  10. On time – Are you on time at the working hours?
  11. Work hours – Do you work 40 hours a week?
  12. Lead Feedback – Your supervisor or team lead will give you a overall feedback.
  13. Client Feedback – Your client will give you an overall feedback.