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Innovative Real Estate Solution for Home Seekers

Full Stack Development for a Realtor-Like Web Application Platform, with the aim of simplifying the home-searching process as easy as ABC.

Real Estate Web Application

Real Estate


Staff Augmentation

Project Duration

6 Months

Team Members


About the Project


This web solution was created specifically for the real estate industry, with the purpose of addressing the challenges faced by users in finding their ideal homes. The client identified a need for a platform that not only simplified property searches but also provided a comprehensive and user-friendly experience.

Initially, the client had the UI/UX design done by one of Technext’s partner agencies. However, they still needed the front and backend development. As a result, they were referred to Technext.

Project Brief

This is a relator-like web application with its unique features and functionalities. Developed to serve to the diverse needs of users seeking their dream homes, the platform offers a rich array of features designed to enhance the home-searching experience. With a focus on user-friendliness and innovation, The application features an intuitive interface that empowers users to filter search results according to their specific requirements, streamlining the process of discovering the perfect property.

Key Features

  1. Location-Centric Search:
    • A prominent feature allows users to initiate property searches based on location.
    • The platform’s interface is designed for simplicity, featuring an easy-to-use search bar that enables users to input their desired location and seamlessly browse available homes in the area.
  2. Advanced Filtering Options:
    • Enhancing the search experience, the application incorporates advanced filtering options.
    • Users can customize their searches based on various criteria, including price range, property type, and specific details such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms.
  3. Dynamic Location Visualization:
    • A distinctive feature is the integration of a live location map.
    • Users can dynamically visualize the precise location of each property on an interactive map, gaining insights into its proximity to landmarks or points of interest.
Location based search real estate

Business Challenges Solved

  1. Operational Inefficiencies: Streamlined the property search process, enhancing overall efficiency.
  2. Limited Property Visibility: Provided a featured homes section to increase property visibility for sellers.
  3. User Experience: Improved user experience through an intuitive interface and advanced filtering options.

Project Scope

Front-end and Back-end Development: Technext was primarily tasked with the comprehensive front-end and back-end development of the HomeBuilder Real Estate web application. This encompassed the creation of a user-friendly interface and the construction of a robust backend infrastructure.

Goals Set to Technext

  1. Enhance Operational Efficiency: Technext focused on streamlining property search processes through the development of efficient front-end and back-end systems. This included optimizing the overall workflow to make the search experience smoother and more effective.
  2. Real-time Data Access: The primary goal was to provide HomeBuilder users with instant access to accurate property information. This involved the integration of real-time data access features into both the front-end and back-end components, ensuring that users could access the most up-to-date information.
  3. User-Friendly Interface: Technext aimed to improve the overall user experience by developing a user-friendly interface. The focus was on creating an intuitive design that enhanced navigation, making it easier for HomeBuilder’s users to interact with the web application seamlessly.

Service Process

Technext had several meetings with the client before starting the project. During these meetings, we identified that the client needed a tailor-made web application solution.
We created a Software Requirement Specification (SRS) and presented various engagement options to the client. The client chose a staff augmentation model and hired 4 of our developers.

Development Story


During the development process, we encountered several challenges to ensure the website’s functionality, user-friendliness, and effectiveness in assisting users in finding their ideal homes. These challenges included:

  1. Integrating the live location map: Implementing the live location map feature posed significant development hurdles. We had to ensure its accuracy, ease of use, and seamless navigation.
  2. Optimizing user experience: Managing a vast amount of data required careful optimization of the user experience. This involved refining the layout, design, and navigation to enhance user-friendliness and accessibility.
  3. Building a comprehensive filtering system: Creating an effective filtering system to help users find suitable properties demanded meticulous attention to database design, search algorithms, and interface development to deliver accurate search results.
  4. Ensuring data management and security: With sensitive data at stake, ensuring robust data management and security systems was paramount. This entailed implementing encryption, access controls, and backup systems to safeguard user information.
  5. Designing for responsiveness: Adapting the website for various devices and screen sizes necessitated meticulous consideration of responsive design principles to ensure seamless accessibility and usability across different platforms.


To overcome the challenges encountered during the development process, we devised several solutions to guarantee the functionality, user-friendliness, and effectiveness of the website in aiding users to find their ideal homes. Some of the solutions we implemented include:

  1. Integration of the live location map: We ensured the accuracy and user-friendliness of the live location map by utilizing a reliable mapping API, facilitating the display of precise and up-to-date map data. Additionally, we designed a user-friendly interface enabling seamless interaction with the map for property searches in desired locations.
  2. User experience optimization: Employing user-centred design principles and extensive user testing, we optimized the website’s user experience to ensure intuitiveness and ease of use. We meticulously crafted the layout, design, and navigation, ensuring users could effortlessly access the information they required.
  3. Building a comprehensive filtering system: To simplify property searches according to users’ specific criteria, we developed an advanced filtering system utilizing sophisticated search algorithms. Furthermore, we integrated a user-friendly interface empowering users to effortlessly filter search results based on their individual preferences.
  4. Data management and security: Prioritizing user data protection, we established a robust data management and security system incorporating encryption, access control, and backup mechanisms. This ensured the safety and security of user data at all times.
  5. Responsive design: Implementing a responsive design approach, we ensured the website’s accessibility and usability across various devices. By adapting to different screen sizes and resolutions, users could seamlessly access the website from desktops, tablets, and mobile devices alike.

Tools and Technologies

Node JS

Project Outcome

The solutions implemented for project’s development challenges have led to a highly functional, user-friendly real estate website. Users can easily search for homes, utilize advanced filters, and access accurate property locations through the live map feature. The comprehensive filtering system ensures tailored property matches, while robust data management ensures user data security. Responsive design ensures seamless access across devices, enhancing user experience. With standout features like the Parade of Homes and Communities section, HomeBuilder offers a compelling option for users seeking their dream home.