Case Study

Sophisticated Online Job Portal with Advanced Capabilities

End-to-end development of a full-featured online job portal and advanced functionalities. Built with Node and React to replace the client’s legacy platform based on Codeignitor.

Online Job Board

Human Capital Services


Staff Augmentation

Project Duration

8 Months

Team Members


About the Project


Our client, “Journey Maker Jobs” is a growing online job portal in Bangladesh that serves as a platform for both job seekers and employers. However, their existing web platform lacked the necessary functionality and scalability.

Therefore, they decided to abandon their Codeigniter-based platform and build a new professional career management platform with cutting-edge technology and all the necessary features. To achieve this, they partnered with Technext, as their professional development service provider.

Product Brief

The product is a full featured value-driven job portal. This website serves as a platform for job searching, enabling users to find different employment options. Additionally, it provides a thorough administration system that enables users to efficiently manage their own job advertisements and even schedule appointments with recruiters. Additionally, the website has a cutting-edge function that enables visitors to quickly create their own CVs. Users also have the opportunity to download these CVs for their own use after they are shown on the website.

Business Challenges Solved

  1. Aggregated Job Listings: Journey Maker Jobs centralizes job postings from diverse sources, providing a unified platform for job seekers to access a comprehensive range of opportunities.
  2. Streamlined Job Search: Helps alleviate the challenge of navigating multiple websites or sources by consolidating job listings into one accessible platform.
  3. Increased Visibility: Empowers employers by offering a platform to showcase job openings, attracting a larger pool of potential candidates.
  4. Access to Talent Pool: Provides tools and services that assist employers in sourcing and managing candidates, facilitating a more efficient recruitment process.

Project Scope

Technext was tasked with overseeing the complete development cycle of the new platform, encompassing everything from crafting the UI/UX design to front-end and back-end development. Additionally, Technext is responsible for the ongoing maintenance and support of the platform post-launch.

Goals Set to Technext

UI/UX Design:

  1. Intuitive Interface: Create a user-centric design that ensures ease of use and navigation for job seekers and employers.
  2. Visual Appeal: Develop visually engaging elements that enhance the platform’s aesthetics while maintaining functionality.
  3. Accessibility: Ensure the design accommodates various devices and user needs, promoting inclusivity and accessibility.

Front-end Development

  1. Responsive Design: Build a responsive interface optimized for seamless user experiences across devices.
  2. Feature Integration: Integrate UI design elements with functionality to ensure a cohesive and intuitive user journey.
  3. Performance Optimization: Focus on speed and performance to reduce load times and enhance user satisfaction.

Back-end Development

  1. Scalable Architecture: Create a robust and scalable backend infrastructure capable of handling increased user loads and data.
  2. Data Security: Implement stringent security measures to protect user data and maintain platform integrity.
  3. Efficient Database Management: Develop an efficient database system for streamlined data storage and retrieval.

Ongoing Maintenance and Support

  1. Continuous Updates: Provide regular updates and improvements to enhance functionality and address any emerging issues.
  2. Performance Monitoring: Implement tools for continuous performance monitoring and proactive maintenance.
  3. Quick Support: Ensure prompt and effective resolution of any platform-related issues to minimize disruptions.
service process

Service Process

Technext’s assigned project manager had several in person meetings with the client before starting the project. During these meetings, we identified that the client needed a tailor-made web application solution.We created a Software Requirement Specification (SRS) and presented various engagement options to the client. The client chose staff augmentation model and hired three of our designers and developers to work dedicatedly on their project.

Design Process

To guide our UX design process, we utilized the Double Diamond framework, which is a well-established approach for problem-solving and creative thinking.

Online Job Portal Design Process
  • The first phase of the Double Diamond process was the Discover phase, during which we research existing website, interviews several time with the clients to gain insights into user needs and pain points.

  • After collecting and analyzing Research data in the Discover phase, we moved on to the Define phase, where we identified and prioritized the most pressing user problems to be solved in the project.

  • In the Develop phase, we generated numerous design concepts and created low-fidelity prototypes to test and iterate on with users. This process allowed us to refine our ideas and narrow down to the most viable solutions.

  • Finally, we moved on to the Deliver phase, where we created high-fidelity prototypes of our designs and conducted user testing to validate our assumptions and make final refinements before launch.

Design Timeline

Timeline of online job platform design

Design Goal

The goal of Technext was to create innovative designs that would position ‘Journey maker Jobs’ as the most simplest, intuitive, and up-to-date option among its competitors.

Design Principles

  1. Update existing design to make it more effective and user-friendly.
  2. Help Job seekers make their profile, Update Resume and Find suitable job effortlessly.
  3. Help Employers manage Job post, Search Resume and Find suitable candidate for their Job.
  4. Help Super admin See all the states about the Job Seekers Activity, Help employers find right candidate & Manage billing.
  5. Help Super admin See all the states about the Job Seekers Activity, Help employers find right candidate & Manage billing.

Design System

We have used a design system that was developed by our design team for Our In house product called ‘Falcon’ an Admin Dashboard & WebApp Template

Atomic Design

The Design System was crafted based on Brad Frost’s “Atomic Design” methodology, which categorizes the tiniest UI components such as icons and labels as “atoms.” These atoms are subsequently pieced together to form more sophisticated UI elements referred to as “molecules,” such as buttons and inputs and then assembling them into “molecules” (such as buttons and inputs) that form more complex components called “organisms” (such as cards).



We created simple wireframes at the beginning of the project to focus on the app’s workflow, without the additional complication of refining its visual design.

Component library of JMJ

Design Outcome

Our comprehensive redesign has completely transformed and modernized the user experience, incorporating contemporary elements to elevate usability, functionality, and overall satisfaction.

Old Interface
new interface


Technext development team took the lead and initiated the creation of a comprehensive web application in line with the updated design guidelines. They closely adhered to the SRS to incorporate the desired functionalities.

Development Challenges

  1. Database Transition: Converting the existing database and crafting a new model for the revamped site posed a significant challenge.
  2. Data Integrity: Ensuring a seamless transfer of data while preserving its integrity and compatibility was crucial.
  3. Compatibility: Maintaining data consistency and aligning the new database structure with the updated website presented challenges.


  1. Database Migration: Examined and redesigned the database structure, ensuring a smooth migration process without data loss.
  2. UI Enhancement: Revamped the user interface to improve user experience, making navigation and interactions more intuitive.
  3. Server-side API Strengthening: Enhanced server-side API for improved performance, scalability, and security.
  4. CV Generation Tool: Introduced a tool enabling users to create, upload, and download customized CVs for offline use.

Tools and Technologies

Next JS
Amazon AWS Logo

Project Outcome


  • Seamless Job Listing Viewing: Job seekers can effortlessly explore a comprehensive array of available job opportunities.
  • Detailed Job Information Access: They can gain access to comprehensive details of specific job postings.
  • Streamlined Job Sharing: Users can share job listings seamlessly across multiple platforms and networks.
  • Efficient Job Bookmarking: Easily save preferred job listings for future reference.
  • Simplified Job Posting: Effortlessly publish job vacancies for potential applicants.
  • Enhanced Job Application Process: Streamlined application to desired positions directly through the platform.
  • Easy CV: Job seekers can create their cv without hassle. And many more.