SAAS Event Management

SAAS – Event Product & Service Marketplace

SAAS – Event Product & Service Marketplace

Matrix Vision Systems Ltd

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Project Background

Matrix Vision KE found a problem – event organizers, clients, event oriented product & service sellers – all of them have the need. They have seen a need in the industry for a platform that makes it easier to purchase and sell events, services, and goods while also giving users a safe and effective experience.

They hired Technext’s dedicated team for their development and ongoing IT support and maintenance. All the requirements and designs were completed before they hire the offshore software development team from Technext.

Our team has been offered with creating an event management software solution to meet this requirement by giving customers and service providers an easy-to-use platform to interact and do business. With this project, we hope to offer Matrix Vision Systems a top-notch event management solution that satisfies their particular requirements, as well as develop a user-friendly platform that offers a safe and effective experience for all users.


Eventgee is a SAAS platform for event management that allows clients and suppliers to reserve events, request custom events, and buy goods and services from marketplaces. 
The website acts as a hub for buyers and sellers in the event management industry. Clients may easily schedule events with Eventgee and customize them to their preferences. To make the procedure of preparing an event as easy and hassle-free as possible, the platform provides several tools and services.

By giving customers a one-stop shop for all their event-related needs, Eventgee offers users a marketplace where they can choose from a variety of event-related services and products from various suppliers, improving the event planning process.
Eventgee is a robust event management platform that links clients with vendors and service providers. To make the process of arranging an event simpler, the platform provides capabilities including event booking, customisation, and a marketplace for goods and services.


The creation of a complex user interface (UI), the implementation of a challenging database architecture, and the integration of an unfamiliar payment method exclusive to Kenya were all key obstacles in the development of Eventgee. The development team also had to adjust to shifting client needs, necessitating several UI and user-relations adjustments. It was difficult to design a complicated user interface that was both user-friendly and capable of handling a variety of events and customization choices. The UI needed to be responsive, and be able to manage a lot of data efficiently, thus the development team had to make sure of this.


We have developed a robust software-as-a-service solution that caters to the needs of both clients and service providers in the event management industry. Our platform offers a multitude of features such as event reservation, custom event requests, marketplace product purchases, hassle-free money transactions, separate dashboards for customers and service providers, and a chat system for system administrators and suppliers, among others.

Our platform provides separate dashboards for customers, service providers, and system administrators, allowing them to manage their profiles, orders, and reviews. Service providers can also manage their team and business account, while system administrators have control over seller-service provider relationships, subscriptions, pricing, reviews, complaints, refunds, payments, and blogs.
Our top priority was ensuring that our platform was secure and that our clients’ data and information remained protected at all times. To this end, we implemented several stringent security measures, such as:

  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to protect client data in transit.
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) to ensure that only authorized users can access the platform.
  • Role-based access control (RBAC) to ensure that users only have access to authorized features and data.
  • Regular security updates and maintenance to protect against known vulnerabilities and exploits.
  • Regular security audits and testing to identify and address potential security risks.
  • Database data encryption and decryption for sensitive information.
  • Server-side authentication system for critical resources.

In addition to security, we also focused on making our platform faster and more efficient. Our efforts included:

  • Optimizing the platform’s backend architecture to handle large volumes of data parallelly and transactions more efficiently.
  • Implementing caching techniques to reduce load times and improve latency.
  • Regularly monitoring and optimizing the platform’s performance to ensure that it remains fast and efficient over time.
  • Client-side static data generation at build time for blog posts and other relevant content.
  • Processing large-sized images and videos as a stream of data.

To ensure high availability and reliability for both server-side and client-side, we implemented auto-scaling based on loads as well as multiple region to make more resilient. We also chose and optimized cloud instances based on workloads with cost efficiency in mind. 

In summary, we have developed a SaaS solution that caters to the needs of clients and service providers in the event management industry. We are committed to continually enhancing our platform’s security, efficiency, and reliability to ensure the best possible experience for our clients.


By offering an efficient, reliable, and efficient platform for customers and service providers to buy and sell events, services, and products, Eventgee has completely transformed the event management sector. Our simple-to-use dashboards for customers and sellers make it simple to manage orders, requests, payments, and other necessary tasks, guaranteeing a flawless experience for everyone. Eventgee provides a better user experience that is effective and appealing to customers because everything is readily available in one place.


  • HTML5, CSS3 – use to create the structure and style of web pages respectively.
  • React.js – a JavaScript library used for building user interfaces.
  • Next.js – a React-based framework used for building server-side rendered React applications.
  • Node.js – a JavaScript runtime environment used for building scalable network applications.
  • Express.js – a Node.js web application framework used for building server-side web applications.
  • MongoDB – a NoSQL document-oriented database used for storing and managing data.
  • AWS – Amazon Web Services, a cloud computing platform used for providing various services and resources.
  • AWS EC2 – Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, a web service used for providing scalable compute capacity.
  • AWS S3 – Amazon Simple Storage Service, a web service used for storing and retrieving data.
  • AWS Auto Scaling Group – a web service used for scaling resources up or down automatically based on demand.
  • AWS VPC – Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, a web service used for creating a private network in the cloud.
  • Terraform – an infrastructure as code tool used for creating, managing, and updating cloud resources.
  • Vercel – a cloud platform used for deploying and hosting serverless web applications.

Some high level diagrams of our infrastructure


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