Freevecton the digital content selling platform

FreeVecton – UI/UX Design and Development

Redesign Freevecton, a digital platform for selling content, to enable designers to sell their designs, and for buyers to purchase them, as well as to submit requests for custom freelance projects.

FreeVecton – UI/UX Design and Development

Shaha Poran



Technext assisted Freevecton in revamping their website layout to improve usability and enhance the user experience. The project began with sketching and progressed to the development of a comprehensive solution. The interface was designed to be both modern and elegant.

Freevecton is a design marketplace for the creatives where they can sell their design portfolio and services. The clients initially hired another team and failed, later they hire offshore software development team from Technext and launched their SaaS successfully.


  • Analyze the competitive market
  • Gain insight into the needs and pain points of the target user by identifying the tasks they aim to accomplish with the product
  • Develop a prototype to demonstrate potential solutions and gather feedback from the target user to improve usability
  • Implement the feedback into the development process.

Re-design and improvement

We have entirely overhauled the previous layout and created a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate interface. Additionally, we have eliminated some unnecessary pages and incorporated crucial sections.

  • We have improve the user flow on every section
  • The general user section was not organized. That’s why we made a new concept and build a new interface where users can interact easily and they can find anything on their dashboard.
  • Also we have improve the user experience for challenging tasks by revamping the outdated design with a focus on consistency and current trends. Adopt a modern design language and establish a design system to increase scalability, streamline design, and standardize development. Investigate ways to delight end users.


Shaha Poran

“We've worked with multiple UX design firms in the past, but the team at Technext truly stands out. Their design process is extremely thorough and user-focused, resulting in a website that our customers love. Plus, their attention to detail and willingness to go above and beyond made the entire process a pleasure.”

— Shaha Poran,

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