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Sparrow is a revolutionary website template. This is the #2 ladning category template in the GetBootstrap theme marketplace; powered by the official Bootstrap creators.


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#2 Bootstrap Theme
HTML5 Template
Based on ZionUI

Buyer's Feedback

You shouldn't need to read a review to see how nice and polished this theme is. So I'll tell you something you won't find in the demo.

After the download I had a technical question, emailed the team and got a response right from the team CEO with helpful advice. And that's why I'm taking the time to leave a review! Just click through on all the pages, you will see plenty of examples you cane use to start your own landing page or application website.

Buyer's Feedback

The template is what it is, you can have a look at the previews to realize how strong it can become with a little work.

The real plus comes with the after sales service! I had a few troubles to plug this template with my rails app, sent a mail to the team without any assurance they will reply, waited about 5 minutes before the team replied to me with a lot of informations adapted to my troubles.
They helped me until my template was plugged and ready to use in the way I wanted. Thanks Prium!

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