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Health & Fitness app where people can choose various tracks to practice. The owner add/assign daily task to the tracks which the subscribers follow to maintain their good health.


Eli Weldon, 321GoProject

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Web Application
Reporting & Tracking
Role-based System


The project was done in WordPress and the clients wanted us to make a single page application using WordPress REST API with React which will act like mobile application.


We used Express js and React js along with Bootstrap 3 to make it single page app with mobile-friendly UI. Also, choose the Stripe and PayPal Rest API to integrate the payment.


The client provided us with some designs and instructions. We coded the front-end with Bootstrap 3 and React js. For the local database, we used the Node js server as the WordPress database is slow.


The end result was a blazing-fast single page web app which acts as a mobile app when you browse from the mobile or other handheld devices. The end user can see detailed report and check the leaderboard which encourages them to practice more. The client also integrated podcast, Vimeo private channel to interact with the users.


Fantastic Experience! Syed is extremely knowledgeable, communicative, and hard working. He will adjust to your time zone so that the project can be completed smoothly. We had extra work not listed on the project description and he had no problem doing it. I would 10 out of 10 hire Syed again and recommend him to anyone looking for a Full Stack developer.

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