Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

Total Computerization of
Center for Research, Testing & Consultancy

Under the project "Total Computerization of CRTC, CEE, SUST" - this project was initiated. This is a complete solution to manage, generate and deliver the test reports regarding civil & environmental engineering.



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Web Application
Role-based Application


For last 10 years, all the records, tests, test reports and payment disbursement were kept in a excel file. This online software enables to CRTC authority, teachers and clients easily manage their tests, payments, disbursement and processing test report.


The coordinator of CRTC, CEE, SUST approaces us with their current operating system. They describe the process of payment disbursement and test disbursement to the teachers. Also showed us how they generate the test report.

The Process

We check all the reports and prepare a user story. Then after getting their feedback the design was made. We choose Laravel and Vue JS so that the solution becomes a fast-loading and robust solution.


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