PTI Quality Containment Solutions

Customer report
information system (CRIS)

A web application for a quality containment solutions company. They inspect the vehicle of General Motors (GM) and other big companies. This web application was created based on some absent requirements of PLEX ERP software. The system has option for creating work orders, real-time entry of each inspection, log work hours, creating inspection reports, invoicing and much more.


PTI Quality Containment Solutions

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Web Application
Role-based System


The project deals with the campaigns created by the vehicle manufacturers. The company PTIQCS do the all testing of the vehicles. So the web application helps the company to perform the testing, keep the records, and do the reporting for the vehicle manufacturers. The client used PLESK software previously, but they needed some custom functionality that’s why they created this web application.

The Process

We developed a role-based web application for the tester, managers, and the super admin. In the system, there’s options to create, assign, a specific testing, and later the super admin and manager can browse the reporting, keep track on payments, work hours, and more.


Thank you for all your help with getting unit scanning functionality in CRIS to where it is today. We reviewed the functionality and reporting with our main customer, General Motors. Our perception is that the meeting and customer training session were very successful and well received. You and your team are a big part of our success and I wanted to recognize your efforts. Please cascade this message to your team. We did have some key take aways and opportunities for improvements which will enhance the offering. We will be formalizing requests to meet the expectations of GM. Thank you and keep up the great work.

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