Smart LAB automation software with QR Code Generation & verification

Smart Lab Automation is a lab management software to help the end customers, faculty and the lab administration to run everything smoothly, digitally.


Clients can not request Lab tests and consultancy unless they are physically filling forms or completing other formalities. Paying offline and knowing the status of the requested Lab tests or consultancy was difficult for clients.

For Faculties finding all the Lab tests and consultancy assigned to them was hard. Uploading or creating the report and updating the status for different projects was challenging also.

Directors don’t have any database of their clients, faculty, lab test or consultancy. The director doesn’t know how many lab tests or consultancy were requested and their status.

Maintaining offline payments receipt was a big hassle for Lab staff.


In a survey, we asked faculty members about their challenges.

To better understand their issues, we also organised group conversations with faculty members and the Director.

Lab and consultancy software was also analysed by our team, especially in the US, Europe, Canada, and listed out their features.

The database structure was designed as per the faculty members, and directors' needs. It’s a nested relationship with other information.


This solution has four types of roles and functionalities for the Clients, Faculty, Director, Lab staff. The clients can request Lab tests and consultancy online and get the requested Lab test or consultancy status on their phone. A client can view all Lab tests and Consultancy they requested for in the dashboard.

Faculties can search, view, edit, update status for lab tests and consultancy. They can assign and reassign faculty on the projects. They can create and upload reports, lab categories. QR code can be generated when they create a lab test report. It helps the CATS MIST CE authority to ensure their transparency and intact their lab test report. We use the Laravel package to generate and verify the QR code.

The director can view, search, add, edit, and delete all the profiles of clients, faculty, office staff, and lab assistants. Director can view the total number of lab tests, consultancy, and clients in the dashboard. They can also manage pages, create lab categories, and report templates. The director can also create an assignment. Assign and resign the project.

Lab staff can add new clients, search and view them. Change the status of Lab tests or consultancies. They can also process due payment and upload reports.


Dynamic website
User sign up and login
Client management
Lab test management
Consultancy management
Online payment management
Report generation with QR code
Report verification
Management Dashboard

Centre for Advisory and Testing Services (CATS), Department of Civil Engineering, Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST)

Link / Client Website
  • Laravel API
  • Boostrap
  • Vue JS
  • MySQL
The Result

It is saving time for the client, they can now create their account. They can request a lab test straight from their home or office, they can pay for the lab test online and they don't have to come to the on premises. They get SMS notification when their test report is ready to collect.

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