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SLMS is a learning management system and a school management software to help the students, teachers, management spontaneously and effectively.


Students can’t get proper education material, classes, news until they come to the school & college premises in person.

Teachers can only teach & assess students in the class physically at the school & colleges.

Most of the educational institutions in Southeast Asia don’t have effective school management and online learning management systems or software.

We surveyed the faculty members about their challenges.

We also discussed in groups with the faculty members and the principles of the colleges to understand their problems better.

We also analyzed the school management software and online learning management system, especially in the US, Europe, Canada, and listed out their features.

We then innovate the architecture of the student database as per our national curriculum. It’s a nested relationship with the program, group/department, session, study year/class. It covers from nursery to masters program - all under the same database architecture.


There are three parts to the solution. Features & functionalities for the Faculty, Student and Official.

In the solution, every faculty has their login. They can add their online class material, questions for the MCQ exams, quizzes, and continuous assessments. They can also review the assignment and put marks & feedback for every student. They can also see every student’s profile and performance. They can review regular assessments and check the answers to know how the students are doing and where they need to improve.

The students have their login too. They can see their daily online class, class test, quiz, assignment, MCQ exam, and other related information. They can review their previous class, submit their assignment online and attend the MCQ exam and quizzes online right from their home.

Some officials can control the content of the website. They can organize online admission, approve the student’s sign-up, and disseminate information targeting a specific group of students.


Dynamic website
Online class management
Course management
Class test & continuous assessments
Online Quiz
MCQ exam
Online Admission
Student & teacher database
Student & teacher dashboard

In-house Product

Few Client Sites
  • Laravel API
  • Boostrap
  • React JS
  • Redis
The Result

Currently, few institutions are using our solution. It has 200+ faculty members signed up, and 25000+ students are using it daily. During covid, more than 2000 classes were held or updated in this system which studies attend. They are also continuously participating in the assessment.

“We are aiming to do everything online using Smart LMS - from student onboarding to delivering class content and to take assignment to giving them certification and collecting payment!”

— Nilima Chanda, Principal, Sunamganj Govt College

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