Xeni Inc – Travel technology company web application UX Design and Development

Since 2021, XeniApp has been utilizing our proprietary product, "Falcon - Admin Dashboard & WebApp Template," for their current web application. However, due to the complexity of the application and the desire to incorporate a more modern and stylish approach, some customizations were required to enhance the user experience. As a result, XeniApp's CEO reached out to us with a request to "redesign" their renowned product, the XeniApp.

Xeni Inc – Travel technology company web application UX Design and Development

About Project

Xeni is an operating system for travel, uniting travel professionals, inventory providers, and consumers on one platform. Any brand can sell travel online with the help of Xeni. It gives the opportunity & control like big online travel sellers with no code dependency. It has a great command center to managing the business with ease.

Understanding the challenges

There were some challenges in the existing product we had to solve:

  • Provide better User Experiences for complex tasks.
  • Polish the Dated design with great consistency & trend in mind
  • Build a Design system for scalability & ease of management for both design & development.

Information Architecture

In this complex project, users have to deal with a lot of content & interaction. So, for better user experiences, we have to organize the content effectively. By the UX method of card sorting, we have brainstormed about the users, their problems, behaviors, and needs. As a result, we have put it all together in an effective Information architecture.


User Flow

User flows act as the complete path a user takes when using a product. We have used it to map out the user’s possible movement & their every step from starting till ending throughout the product. User flow makes sure to give a better solution & right flow of a product that helps the user find out easily, what they are seeking in a product.


Creating Wireframe is a great way to make the concept of a product at an early stage. It helps Clarify the features of the product, how they function & how useful they might actually be. We have created low-fidelity wireframes to provide an early visual to get feedback from the client. Then converted it to a High Fidelity one with feature images & written content, which is the most accurate and almost similar to visual design.

Low Fidelity Wireframe

High Fidelity Wireframe



Pravin Kamble

CTO, XeniApp Inc

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