A Powerful SaaS to Sell Event Products, Services, and Goods

Eventgee is a SAAS platform for event management that allows clients and suppliers to reserve events, request custom events, and buy goods and services from marketplaces.

A Powerful SaaS to Sell Event Products, Services, and Goods


Staff augmentation

Number of People

4 (Designer + Developer)

Project Duration

8 Month


The product offers a platform for clients and multiple suppliers in this SAAS event management service. The system can be switched between the Customer and the Seller/Service Provider. 

It will offer a system where users can book events, ask for their own personalized events, and purchase accessories and services from marketplaces.

Service Process

The client reached out to Technext and had several meetings before we even started. Based on the clients requirement, our leadership team suggested that they can go for a fixed custom project or go for the dedicated team model.

They hired Technext’s dedicated team for their development, as they needed ongoing IT support and maintenance. All the requirements and designs were completed before they hire the offshore software development team from Technext.


The creation of a complex user interface (UI), the implementation of a challenging database architecture, and the integration of an unfamiliar payment method exclusive to Kenya were all key obstacles in the development of the product.

The development team also had to adjust to shifting client needs, necessitating several UI and user-relations adjustments.

It was difficult to design a complicated user interface that was both user-friendly and capable of handling a variety of events and customization choices. The UI needed to be responsive and be able to manage a lot of data efficiently, thus the development team had to make sure of this.


The product came out as a reliable and efficient platform for customers and service providers to buy and sell events, services, and products. As a result of Role-based access control, Our platform offers separate dashboards for customers, service providers, and administrators, giving them control over profiles, orders, and reviews.

Service providers can manage their team and business accounts, while administrators handle seller-service provider relationships, subscriptions, pricing, and more. Security was our top priority, ensuring clients’ data and information remained protected at all times. 


By offering an efficient, reliable, and efficient platform for customers and service providers to buy and sell events, services, and products, The product has completely transformed the event management sector. 

Our simple-to-use dashboards for customers and sellers make it simple to manage orders, requests, payments, and other necessary tasks, guaranteeing a flawless experience for everyone. 

Eventgee provides a better user experience that is effective and appealing to customers because everything is readily available in one place.


  1. Role-based access control (RBAC) 
  2. Multiple filtering options
  3. Integrated communication with suppliers and clients via chat
  4. Users can buy marketplace services and accessories.
  5. The event booking and customized event.


  1. The client gets a full offshore team to build their MVP
  2. They saved 100K+ USD as development costs by hiring offshore
  3. Their customer gets a new event marketplace 
  4. Users can communicate better with others and can get a notification message.
  5. Make it easy for users to purchase from the marketplace.
  6. Make event booking easy with customer needs and satisfaction.
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The customer of the product is a startup in the event industry from Nairobi, Kenya.

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