DentalCare – Revamp Dental treatment web app design & solved UX problems

Technext improved the user experience for Dentalcare, a subscription-based dental treatment web application, by redesigning their website to be more user-friendly and interactive. The redesign addressed specific UX issues, resulting in a more usable platform.

DentalCare – Revamp Dental treatment web app design & solved UX problems

Usability study

We have conducted an analysis of Dentalcare users and discovered issues with user interaction and finding key features. We also reviewed user feedback to identify common complaints. The current design is not well-organized and users have difficulty locating the options they need to interact with the app. Based on these findings, we have studied usability to address these issues.

Secondary research

We can easily understand the UX problems with the current application as we are redesigning it. We have taken screenshots of all the pages and created the existing user flow. This will help us understand the interactions and identify any issues. Additionally, by analyzing the existing design, we can organize similar elements in the same row. We are not conducting qualitative or quantitative research as we are redesigning the application and do not need to create sketches.

Users need

  • Patient information management
  • Billing and insurance integration
  • Secure messaging for communication with patients and other healthcare providers
  • Integration with digital radiography and other diagnostic tools
  • Patient portal for self-scheduling, viewing appointments and treatment history, and making payments.
  • Access to patient records and treatment history for authorized personnel
  • Online patient feedback and reviews.

User Stories

Our web application, Dentalcare, is primarily focused on providing a seamless experience for existing dentists. The control panel is tailored to their needs, allowing them to easily access patient information and treatment plans. We have added new sections and pages that are relevant to the work of dentists, making it easy for them to manage their patients’ overview and packages. Our end-users are current dentists who use our portal, so we have designed the platform to be intuitive and user-friendly for them. We aim to improve their workflow and make the process of managing patient information effortless.

Color palette

An effective color palette embodies the brand’s identity and makes it more memorable. We consider accessibility throughout the design process to ensure a unified visual language across the entire user experience.


User persona

Used Component

Components in UX design streamline the design process by offering modular, reusable elements that enhance consistency, efficiency, and user experience.

Hi Fidelity Wireframe

High Fidelity Wireframe is a functional UI representation for testing design concepts and refining user experience before design phase. Saves time, enables quick iteration, and ensures seamless UX.

Hi Fidelity Design

Hi-fidelity design refers to a detailed and polished stage in the design process, where the final visual representation of a product is created with exact specifications for layout, typography, color, and other design elements. It helps in presenting a clear vision of the final product.

Older Screen

Redesigned Screen

Clients Testimonials

A responsive website adjusts its layout and content based on the screen size of the device it is viewed on, providing optimal user experience on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Technext is a good resource for UX/UI projects

Technext is working on our UX/UI project which is a redesign of our existing web application UI. They are doing a good job on it and have come up with several ideas to make our application more user friendly and with a better look and feel. They provide updates on a daily basis so we are always in the loop. We look forward to working with Technext on more projects in the future.

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