Tailored EdTech Solution Combining VLE and AI-Powered Resume Building

A solution for ed-tech startups that combines Virtual Learning Environments (VLE) and AI-powered resume builders. This platform enables students to learn virtually, create captivating resumes, construct profiles, and participate in career-elevating events.

Tailored EdTech Solution Combining VLE and AI-Powered Resume Building


Staff augmentation

Number of People

4 (Designer + Developer)

Project Duration

3 Month


Our valued client, an award-winning Ed-Tech startup based in Canada, aids international students and newcomers in launching successful careers within a mere 15 weeks. 

Their mission is to empower students to achieve their dream jobs. So leadership recognized that they needed a robust web solution that’s like a career-launching toolkit. Their desire is to build a platform that combines Virtual Learning Environments (VLE) and AI-powered resume builders. 

It’s an all-encompassing platform that aims to empower students to learn virtually, craft captivating resumes, construct profiles, and partake in career-elevating events.

The startup did not have a development team. So they forged an alliance with Technext as their offshore development partner.

Service Process

The client reached out to Technext and had several meetings before we even started. From the meetings, we realized they needed a customized web application solution; we created an SRS and presented clients with different options for engagement. 

The client could go for Custom development (Fixed cost) or a staff augmentation model. They went for a staff augmentation model and hired four people from the Technext core team. 

Development Challenges

The first challenge was truly understanding the project’s requirements and converting it into SRS. It was a custom project with features from different categories of software. Wrapping their heads around every aspect and making them work harmoniously was like solving a complex puzzle.

Then came the challenge of creating personalized resumes. Picture this: crafting a resume builder that not only gets the job done but does so in a way that fits each user’s unique career path. It’s like tailoring a suit, but for resumes, and it wasn’t a cakewalk.

Now, let’s talk about resume scans. The aim was to have the system scan resumes with the precision of a seasoned recruiter. Lowering false positives was the goal, and this wasn’t your everyday challenge.

Another challenge was facilitating precision in job matching. Natural language processing became the trusty sidekick here. They weren’t content with merely matching terms; the goal was to create an intelligent search engine that could understand candidate abilities and aspirations, serving up job opportunities that truly clicked.

Building a scalable architecture was another mountain to climb. The solution had to handle a growing user base gracefully, and that meant designing a robust multi-tenant infrastructure. Data segregation, resource allocation – it was like building a city that could expand without losing its charm.

Last but not least, there was a user-friendly interface. The aim was to make both institutions and job seekers feel at home here. Merging resume creation, scanning, and job searching seamlessly and collecting user feedback to keep improving the interface – it’s a challenge that’s ever-evolving.


Creating Personalized Resumes: Addressing the task of crafting personalized resumes, the team implemented an AI-driven CV builder within the application. Users enter their information, and this innovative system dynamically tailors CV content to suit a diverse array of career paths. Smart algorithms identify specialized skills, suggest pertinent keywords, and optimize resume styles for maximum impact.

Resume Scans: To overcome the challenge of precise resume scanning, the application incorporated advanced algorithms that dive deep into contextual nuances and patterns. By comprehending job descriptions with finesse, these algorithms elevate candidate evaluation accuracy, significantly reducing false positives and thereby enhancing the overall quality of candidate assessment.

Precision in Job Matching: The quest for precision in job matching found its solution in the integration of natural language processing (NLP) within the application. The sophisticated search engine, powered by NLP, transcends mere term matching. It intelligently evaluates candidates’ skills, aspirations, and interests, presenting them with a meticulously curated list of highly relevant job prospects that resonate with their unique profiles.

Building a Scalable Architecture: To conquer the challenge of constructing scalable architecture, the application was built upon a robust multi-tenant infrastructure. This infrastructure ensures seamless scalability, with data separation and resource allocation mechanisms in place. Even as the user base grows, user privacy is safeguarded, and optimal performance is maintained through efficient resource allocation.User-Friendly Interface: Finally, the development team addressed the challenge of creating a user-friendly interface within the application. It caters to both institutions and job seekers, providing a seamless blend of resume creation, scanning, and job searching. The interface is an ever-evolving entity, continually improved based on user feedback to enhance its intuitiveness and effectiveness.

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  1. Enhanced Job Search Experience: Job seekers now embark on a more personalized job search journey, significantly increasing their chances of securing their ideal positions.
  2. Efficient Applicant Referrals: Institutions benefit from receiving more relevant applicant referrals, ultimately saving valuable time in their recruitment processes.
  3. Seamless Scaling: Even as the platform experiences expansion, users can count on a consistently smooth and enjoyable user experience, all thanks to the robust, scalable architecture.
  4. Inclusivity: The application’s user-friendly interface ensures that users with varying levels of technological proficiency can navigate the platform with ease, promoting inclusivity and accessibility.
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