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Technext Limited is a solution-driven company. Since 2012, we help entrepreneurs, companies and institutions to develop incredible digital products (things like web apps, mobile apps, proof of concept, MVP, etc.), web portals, eCommerce solutions and integrated services.

The above definition barely represents what we actually do here. Our greatest strength is turning any mediocre project into an excellent one. Here at Technext, every team member believes in excellence and you will find the reflection of our belief in our product, services, support and even the coffee we make.

Our work doesn’t end with the making of excellent products and services, we continue to thrive by helping clients and companies to transform as well. Through our training and long-turn support, we help you to level up your whole organization. We push our employees, clients and our solutions to exceed their own expectations.

Our tools help millions of website owners, entrepreneurs, marketers, and institutions every day. Hundreds of thousands of the developers and website owners build their website using the templates from ThemeWagon. Entrepreneurs and marketers send emails to thousands of subscribers via Mailbluster and get insightful analytics. Alumni Connect helps universities to connect their current students and alumni, in a meaningful way.

None of these would be possible without the futuristic vision and empowering culture. It’s built on a set of shared values that determines everything we do together. We sincerely believe that excellence in everything is the only way to prosper and this common belief has drawn together our creative, passionate and vigorous group of designers, programmers, researchers, and engineers.

leadership team

Our team possesses the unique ability to turn your ideas into reality, in a meaningful way. We make things pixel perfect and test them rigorously until perfection is assured. We ask great questions, communicate clearly, brainstorm before coding and make things happen.


awards & achievements

Since the beginning, we have won two major competition in national level and awarded two times. Those awards and achievements established our competence and grew our self-confident.


Code Warriors Challenge 2015 (Web App)

BASIS Codewarriors Challenge is one of the most competetive contest in Bangladesh. In 2015, 56 companies compete to win the trophy in a 36 hours hackathon. We sent our best web application team to compete. And yes, Technext Limited became the champion as a company in the web application development category.


Code Warriors Challenge 2015 (Mobile App)

In 2015 BASIS Codewarriors Challenge, we sent another team for the mobile application development category. It became the runners up among the 56 other companies. It was the first time in the history of the BASIS Codewarriors Challenge, a single company wins two trophy in two major category.

Entrepreneurship award by Uddokta Group

Chakri Khujbo na, debo or Entrepreneurship Group is one of the most popular facebook initiative in Bangladesh, lead by Bangladesh Open Source Network community. Each year, they award the top entrepreneurs or startups in the country. In 2014, they awarded Technext Limited, the new Entrepreneurship awrd and in 2015 the Entrepreneurship award.

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